The incredible city on Bosphorus can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you take into consideration that it has a population almost as the entire Romania! But the former capital of the Byzantine Empire represents a lesson of history, culture and endless longing – all in one place.
Visit the Museum of Innocence in the beautiful central Beyoğlu district, the first museum imagined in a novel (by Orhan Pamuk) and then turned into reality; test your bargaining skills in the Great Bazaar; eat fresh fish at the restaurants under the Galata Bridge and take a short walk with the red tram, the symbol of Istiklal Caddesi street, the true heart of the city.


Most often we end up visiting the entire world instead of visiting the nearest places to us. With the direct flights introduced by TAROM last year, it is now easier to visit a glimpse of Ukraine in a shorter time. More recently, also LOT airline operates flights with a stopover in Warsaw (a good opportunity for an extended city break) to Odessa, the most important port in Ukraine.
Explore this stylish city having the charm of the early 19th century, with its well-preserved historic center and Derybasivska central street, which offers tourists a variety of cafes, restaurants and shops, guarded by majestic trees.


The Little Mermaid is not the only famous attraction in Copenhagen (and it is really small, a statue with a size not as impressive as the story). The capital of Denmark, considered to be one of the happiest countries in the world, is rich in attractions such as the neoclassic architecture of the colorful and ancient port, Nyhavn, and the direct connection with Sweden: you can easily reach Malmö by train or by bus.


The largest city in Scotland is not the capital of Edinburgh, but Glasgow, a city that has been continuously reinventing itself over the last decades, making the transition from the industrial city to the cultural center of the country. If you want to enjoy a traditional whiskey, visit over 90 city parks and green spaces or discover the truth behind the official slogan People Make Glasgow – then mark on your list the Scottish city of music.

Fun fact: do you know what is the official animal of this country? The unicorn. If stories of haunted castles were not enough for you to visit Scotland, then at least this fact should intrigue you and make you place this country on your travel list for 2019.


The magic city of Porto from the Atlantic Ocean that delights even the most demanding gastro-tourists and wine lovers! Porto is a less visited city than the famous Lisbon and it is not so difficult to explore it.

The city of students has to be patiently explored by foot and slowly enjoyed in order to understand how J.K. Rowling found here the inspiration to write Harry Potter. That’s why Livraria Lello, one of the world’s most beautiful libraries, is said to have been an important starting point for creating the famous magical world.

Organizing the trip: You can fly to Madrid or Lisbon, from where you have cheap flights to Porto.

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